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 Congratulations....... you're getting married!


Your wedding should be remembered as one of the greatest events in your life. Let me help you create your own unique and personal ceremony for your very special day.

Its your wedding and you should have the ceremony that you have always wished for on your... Beautiful Day.

It is my aim to make the process of creating your ceremony as easy for you as possible. Early Bookings are recommended to secure your wedding date and time.

Weddings $850 - all Inclusive

 ELOPEMENTS  $700 -  with witnesses -up to 10 guests  

Hunter Valley, Maitland, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie 


                                             $600 - Short, No Fuss- No Stress Legal  Formalities 

               Historic Paterson in the Hunter Valley only with your 2 witnesses


$300 deposit to secure your booking  ( deducted from full fee)

 Travel costs included throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley                                                         

       My fee includes


  • Initial meeting to discuss your ceremony & sign your Notice of Intended Marriage form. (Phone, Zoom or FaceTime meetings also available if not local)                                       

  • Extensive range of wedding ceremonies samples, readings, vows, ideas, etc

  • Unlimited phone and email contact with prompt replies.

  • Top quality wireless Chiayo PA system with cordless microphones and Bluetooth connectivity for your music. 

  • Keepsake Ceremony booklet of full ceremony wording for the Bride & Groom 

  • All legal paperwork completed and finalised within 2 days of your Marriage.

  • You will receive your official Certificate of Marriage  from me on your Wedding Day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • A 'Notice of Intended Marriage form' must be completed and signed at least one calendar month before you can marry. * special circumstances before 1 month can apply


Personal, No Fuss Wedding Ceremony for the two of you at Historic Paterson  - a great alternative to the Registry Office  - $600 all inclusive 

Do you just want to ‘Get Married’ with a short and simple, no fuss ceremony with just the legalities at a time that suits you??

You can be married at John Tucker Park Park,  Paterson ( you will need at least 2 witnesses or I may be able to supply) with a short simple ceremony. At least one months’ notice required to sign your Notice of Intended Marriage form, included in the cost. 

**Newcastle Registry office is closed many years ago. To be married at the Births,

Deaths & Marriages Registry office in Sydney  - their fee is now $557

Surprise Weddings- $850 all inclusive


Surprise weddings are usually family oriented no-hassle, stress free occasions. Imagine your family and friends faces when you announce they are not only here for your engagement party or other special occasion, for example but they are also here to witness your marriage!

Surprise Weddings are just absolutely magical!!!

For most couples having a surprise wedding, the surprise is usually announced to the guests just before the couple are to get married. This means, they already have their family and friends at the location for another reason, i.e. Engagement, Special Birthday, New Years, Baby Naming, Visiting relative, or any other significant event.

Legally in Australia, both the Bride and Groom have to agree and be aware of the impending marriage. The normal legal process applies. Neither the Bride nor Groom can organise a wedding to marry their partner and surprise it on him or her on the day of their wedding.

A Notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be completed at least one month and one day before the wedding. I can help you plan the best surprise wedding of your dreams and maintain your absolute privacy.

Shhhhhhh..... it’s a secret!



Living Overseas, Interstate or not in the Hunter Area and cannot meet me to arrange your Wedding Ceremony?


No problem at all….. I have done many weddings for couples coming home to the Hunter area to get married, from all over Australia and all parts of the world.  Everything can be all done via email, phone, post. I can see you when you arrive for your Wedding and it will all be ready for your Wedding day!  

If one party is in Australia and the other overseas......only one party needs to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage form for it to be lodged with me, at least one month before your wedding date. The other party can sign when they arrive in the area before the Wedding.


If both parties are living overseas, that's fine....I will email you everything you need and details about signing your Notice of Intended Marriage form overseas, it's quite easy to arrange everything. 

One or both parties from overseas; or need a letter for the Dept. of Immigration??


I have done lots of letters for Immigration for couples getting married.  I can give you this letter for the Dept. of Immigration at your appointment that you can take with you, when you book and at least one party has signed your Notice of Intended Marriage form

– $50 admin fee for the letter that you require.

MAFS 2021 Belinda & Patrick Marriage Celebrant  Victoria Langham 
Hunter Valley/ Newcastle/ Maitland
Marriage Celebrant  Victoria Langham 
Hunter Valley/ Newcastle/ Maitland

Terms & Conditions

The Marriage Celebrant agrees to:


1.     To provide services as a Registered and Authorised Marriage Celebrant, Solemnise your Marriage according to the legal requirements of the Marriage Act 1961 and observe the laws of the commonwealth State/Territory when your Marriage is performed.


2.    To attend and perform the Marriage Ceremony at the agreed time, date and place. Pursuant to the Marriage Celebrant ‘s Code of Conduct, the Marriage Celebrant will arrive at the agreed venue at least 20 minutes prior to the ceremony commencement time.


4.   Respect confidentiality and maintain privacy of the couple and their documents and kept legal documents in locked cupboard for a period of 6 years.


5.  In the unlikely event that the Celebrant is ill or unable to officiate for some unforeseen reason, a recommended replacement celebrant will be contacted to perform your ceremony..   


Responsibility of the Couple


1.   Lodge your Notice of Intended marriage form with the Celebrant at least 1 month prior to your Wedding Ceremony Date.


2.    To provide the celebrant with accurate information and all required original documentation, being Birth certificates or Passports; Drivers Licences / or other Photo ID; Divorce decrees/Certificate of Divorce/ Death Certificate; and any other documents necessary to enable the wedding to take place on the scheduled date, at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding.  If that isn’t possible, at the very latest, ID and documents must be provided at least 24 hours prior to your Wedding Date – otherwise your Wedding cannot proceed for that date. 


3.    The Bride & Groom need to arrive in time for the ceremony to start at the agreed and booked ceremony starting time. In the event that the ceremony starting time is delayed the celebrant reserves the right, if necessary, to proceed to other wedding commitments after 20 mins. Extra fee of $100 per 30 mins for commencement of late ceremonies after the agreed and booked ceremony start time. 


4.  If the parties haven’t arrived for the ceremony at the agreed date/time/venue; or the ceremony cannot proceed for any reason outside the Celebrant’s control, the celebrant reserves the right to leave the place of the Marriage ceremony 20 minutes after the agreed start time of the ceremony, 


5.    To advise the Celebrant immediately of any change to the time, date of place of the marriage ceremony, in writing.  Also changes to personal details eg: address/contact phone numbers/email address etc. The Marriage Celebrant reserves the right to terminate the agreement and retain the booking fee should she not be able to perform the ceremony due to the change of either date or time. If a couple changes the date of their wedding, a fee of $70 may apply with final payment, for administration costs to change paperwork, lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage, etc.

6.    The parties acknowledge that they are not to arrive at the ceremony appearing to be inebriated or under the influence of any other substance, otherwise the celebrant is lawfully not authorised to solemnise their marriage.


7. The couple is given a 'Confirmation of Booking' in writing which states the couple agrees to comply with their obligations as requested by the Celebrant


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